L’eta del fascino look campaign by Brazzi photography.

Dear followers,please accept our apologies of all that silence we made…:) Now we both are trying to schedule our vacation details,because we’re leaving to Italy this April in case to make more interviews,photoshoots or even some videos…and everything is just for all of you!But about this in other artickle…Now we want to share our ideas how to stay warm but classy in windy spring!

In this photoshoot we combined Lithuanian designers and simple brand clothes. If you have some questions,ideas or suggestion please comment:)

Clothes | White Linen dress | Max&Co

Black Skirt | Agota Jakutyte

Sweater | Le muse |lithuanian designer







Huge thanks for all assistant of amazing collaboration!
Photography | Brazzi photography
Makeup&hair | Jolanta Poškaitė |Carolina makeup studio
Style | Theageofcharm

I almost forgot to share our Backstage moments ! The best photos from all photoshoot with Tomas:))






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Agota :*

Let’s get rid of those old coats

Happy spring! Happy girls! Happy world!

Hello there! I haven’t seen you for a while! Let’s catch up.
For me, April and May will be so exciting, because i am going to Malta and Corsica. Cool stuff, right? I know. I am so excited and I am counting the days towards those trips. I can promise to make a looot of pictures for SURE.

Other then that, this post is dedicated to Lithuanian girls, who are changing their coats to lightweight jackets, and other light garments. Although, the weather is very tricky in Lithuania, but nothing can stop us look beautiful, right?





Style by The Age of Charm girls: Kamile and Agota
Photos by The Age of Charm girls: Kamile and Agota

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By K.

How to Wear Name Brand Clothes Without Being Called a Poser or Fake


Dear followers,as spring is finally starting to come in Lithuania..We wanted to share our ideas about how to choose,wear and buy brand-luxury clothes.

Branded clothing usually comes with good quality and great designs, so nobody can blame you for liking this stuff. If you have decided to go shopping, well, be aware of “fashion police.” If you don’t want to be called fake or poser, these are the advices you need and read on.

1.Figure out why you really like the clothes. Determine whether it’s because of the uniqueness of the design or the quality of the fabric used. If you just wanted to be considered “cool” or “in,” you have to be careful as it may not look good on you.

2.Know your size. Start out by going to the store and trying out the clothes. If you decide to order online or from a catalog, take note of the size that fits you perfectly before you order the clothes. Remember that you have choices. You could shop from catalog, the store or the website. Make sure you have money or your plan will fall apart (and stealing is not an option). If you shop in the website, you have to have a credit card number. If you don’t have one, you could ask your parents to order it for you. You may browse through different sites to determine which offer the cheapest but careful with frauds.

3.Try wearing other clothes beside these branded clothes. There are also cheaper ones but has good quality and great design. It’s only a matter of how you project and carry your clothes!!!!!

That’s how we’re wearing brand clothes with simple ones.


Coat:New Look
Hand Bag:Hermes

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Credit: http://www.WikiHow.com

Italy.Part 2 | Bergamo and Lago di Como


Bergamo (population 120,000) is an extremely pretty old town in Lombardy, on the edge of the Alps. Bergamo’s original location was a defensive hilltop, and the town was also protected by stout walls; nowadays this historic part of town is known as the Città Alta (upper town) and it’s where you will find most of the historic buildings and tourist sights. There is little traffic, and the narrow lanes are pleasant to wander.


Città alta” (upper city), a hilltop medieval town, surrounded by 17th-century defensive walls. The town is connected to the “Città bassa” (lower city) by funicular/cable car, roads, and foot-paths.
Parking spaces are very limited in the upper city so it is better to take the funicular or the bus (10 minutes  from the railway station).


I know..Im limited edition because i love italian door bells :))



Numerous places of interest including:
Cittadella (Citadel), Piazza Vecchia (old square),Palazzo della Ragione, Palazzo Nuovo , Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (Saint Mary Major),Cappella Colleoni (Colleoni chapel), annexed to Santa Maria Maggiore, is a masterwork of Renaissance architecture and decorative art………..
The small snaky roads with an infinity of typical Italian shops……



So! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! I’m not a person to give out amazing reviews unless I truly mean it. Bergamo is beautiful, people are lovely and the city is small but charming. Great place for a break and just relax and indulge in cheese, hams and wine.

Lac’o di como. Belalgio,Varrena,Como

 Is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Como in the Italian region Lombardy, located on Como lake.

Bellagio.“Pearl of the Lake”

Very attractive town at the junction of the two ‘legs’ of the lake. Can be expensive. This is the busiest of the tourist oriented towns. Bellagio is a hub for the boat service on the lake.Image


Bellagio’s world class hotels and restaurants provide the perfect place to soak up the lake’s famous panorama. The village is characterised by century-old buildings, stone lanes and picturesque cobbled stairways filled with shops showcasing the finest Italian wares.


Follow one of our historic walking tours for an insight into days gone by, or follow your taste buds to the fresh fruit flavours of gelato – or the wonderful aromas of café – of the kind found only in Italy.



A wonderful climate to relax, take part in sport or lake activities and all against the backdrop of this stunning lake and it’s magnificent villas.


After half of a day trip to  Bellagio we took ferry to other city -Varenna.


Varenna is built upon a rock at the foot of a mountain which rises almost
vertically above it, leaving the skeleton of a ruined ancient castle exposed to
the sky. Its community dates back to the Roman age.



Orrido di Bellano.



Gushing waterfalls and natural rock formations tucked in a little corner of Bellano, near Como Lake, this is a gem not to be missed. Few tourists know of this place and one can have the comfort and silence of being alone to enjoy this natural wonder. It simply energizes you.




Our little baby Fiat 500 :)



Villa Cipressi gives the possibility to visit, through a botanic pathway,
century-old gardens with tiered terraces till the lake, containing plants of a
rare beauty and worldwide botanic importance.


Villa Monastero is beautiful, to say the least. The extent of the gardens is fantastic, and they are extremely well kept. There is also a small coffee shop in the gardens for a drink while you walk. There are statues and many amazing sculptures. It is easy to spend hours in the shade of the trees, taking in the view of the lake. Definitely worth a visit.


Como city.


Salade caprese| Tun carpaccio……The best of all


Ahh i don’t forgot to taste Italian gelato..FOR SURE!  In English it generally refers to varieties of ice cream made in a traditional Italian style. Gelato is made with milk, cream, various sugars, and flavoring such as fresh fruit and nut purees.


Dear,Followers thank you for reading our blog! I hope your next vacation will be Lago di Como or maybe…..Miami! But about this at the next artickle. Please share,comment and like. But dont forget that all photo rights are saved by Theageofcharm!



Welcoming Spring!

Good evening,

Finally! The spring in Lithuania has started officially. I am so excited for upcoming warm days in our lovely country. Leather jackets, ripped denim jeans, Convers, soft, thin blouses and warm wind. What could be better then this?

As we started to talk about this amazing season of year, this post will be dedicated to everyone of you who loves spring, when the grass turns green, the wind becomes so soft that it ties up your shoelaces…

Style by The Age of Charm girls
Make up by The Age of Charm girls




jaured jau 1899191_10203380177692009_1278702770_n You can see the details of accessories:





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By Kamile

Meet Joelle: My Passion is Fashion


The Age of Charm girls are starting to do some new things: Interviews! So the first one we had a change to interview was an amazing fashion blog by Joelle Regh. ,,Fashion diaries from a german girl living the american dream” is her description in her blog. Her name is Joelle Regh and she is originally from Hamburg, Germany. She is going to college, majoring in Communications and she has a passion for fashion.



,,I love to share my ideas, inspiration, tips and tricks with everyone on my Fashion Blog” she says.

The interview:

1.      Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from anywhere. I love going through magazines and checking out the newest trends. Furthermore I get some of my inspiration from the weather outside. If it’s snowing outside I might wear an all white outfit, or sometimes I’ll wear an all black outfit. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I love all the colors of Fall. Important is to be open minded and inspiration will find you.

2.      Who are your 5 favorite designers?

My blog is about affordable fashion. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your clothes, jewelry, shoes and bags. It matters what they look like and how you style them. You can look like a million bucks, without spending too much money. I would say that Michael Kors is one of my favorite designers right now, because I have a watch and a purse that I use/wear every day. I love his purse collection every season and his jewelry is gorgeous. I also love Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Givenchy. But besides these high end brands, I love to go shopping at H&M, ZARA, ASOS and Forever 21. Tj Maxx is one of my favorite stores, because you can get expensive designer pieces for an affordable price.

3.      How would you describe your style

I would describe my style as constantly evolving. I wear whatever I think looks good and if it’s a trend or not, as long as I feel comfortable with it and I think it looks good I’ll wear it. I love to wear very colorful outfits, but sometimes I also wear all white or black outfits.

4.      Why did you start a blog?

I’ve always liked Fashion and liked to dress up for any occasion and even just going to school. When I started reading Fashion Blogs such as The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferrangi; Peace Love Shea by Shea Marie and Saucy Glossie by Lindsey Calla I fell in love with Fashion even a little bit more. These Fashion Blogs inspired me to start writing my own. I loved the idea of sharing my Fashion tips and outfits with other girls who love fashion as much as I do.

5.      What are your goals (aims)? (with this blog and seperately)

My goal with this blog is to give my lovely readers some inspiration in Fashion, give some lifestyle advice and tips and looking like a million bucks without spending a fortune. I hope to reach a broader audience and as of right now I have about 21,000+ followers on Facebook. Besides wishing success for my blog, I hope to receive my Bachelor’s degree in Communications within the next 2 years and afterwards I would like to start a career in Fashion and working in NYC.

The End.

Contact/Find Joelle:
facebook.com/joellesstyle (21k+ followers!)



Want to share adverts just like Joelle did? Write us an email: theageofcharm@gmail.com

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By K.

The Beauty And The … Backstage

Good evening readers,

We finally reached 114+ followers! Have we mentioned how much you all mean to us? No? Well then you mean a world! Thank you for still being interested, thank you for reading, for believing! So as the days go by, we got an offer to do something really cool! All I can say: this project is with a famous photographer Dainius Suckelis, aaaand i got an opportunity to capture the BACKSTAGE! The sweet, sweet backstage that I am sharing with You.

back_2We had so much fun there…You know why? Because of FREE CHAMPAGNE ! We did some funny faces… and had a little photoshoot backstage…




The amazing Make Up was done by Asta Nevedomskyte, kisses, girl! xxback_4 back_5

back_1And the Uh-mazing hairstyle was made by The hairdresser Laura (Late Grožio Studija (Beauty Salon) )
Remember the Late Beauty Salon? I had a wedding photoshoot there and it was kind a surprise to see the same woman :)

back_7And the style was by The Age of Charm girls!

That is it for now, see ya soon!

By K

I’m engaged!!! …just kidding

Hey guys!

I just came back from my english studies and I though I should write a short article about my engagement!! Not! Just joking around :) So recently I participated in this amazing fashion collaboration. There were four models, two makeup artists, hair stylists and some photographers. We met up at 7 o’clock in the morning and I barely slept 2 hours before (I was at friends bar ,,having fun”…) So my wish was that the makeup would conceal my dark under eye circles… Before the photoshoot, I came to ,,Salon Ilona” (wedding dresses) and did the fitting and tried on four wonderful white wedding dresses and at the end I chose this one in the pictures. The photoshoot began in this amazing chocolate caffe in Pilies st. and then we went to Simonaitytes st. ,,Beauty salon LATE” (the interior design was so amazing!White furniture, white walls…).

In conclusion, it is You, who decides to assess the pictures.



vestuvkeBut in my opinion, I am very happy and pleased with the results.
Models: Kamilė Kanapeckaitė, Greta Jurkūnaitė
Make up: Justina Minkovska
Hair: Oksana Šapronaitė
Photo edition: Kamilė

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By Kamilė