Welcome post/The blast of beginning

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We say welcome to our brand new blog about all the good things in life: MUSIC, FASHION, MAKE-UP, POLITICS(not so good…),MOVIES, CONCERTS, EVENTS and much much more…We don’t know how to tell in one word what this blog is about, so we named it: The Age of Charm. Why? Becouse we are the young generation and we think that it’s the best in life. We’ve been through our teenage days so now, when our opinions and insights are fully set, we decided to share our thoughts with the world. And what about us? We are from Europe, Lithuania, and we are so passionate about fashion, music, and probably every single thing on earth.

L’età del fascino means The Age of Charm (in italian language)

So basically, this is the first post ever made in this new blog. We are sooooo excited we have no words. We have so much ideas to share with the world and we will try to put it in the best way. Also we will be selling some incredible clothes and accessories here, so don’t be late to see the newest post or to participate in some contests.

YOU CAN CONTACT US : theageofcharm@gmail.com
Instagram: @agotajakutyte @kamilekanapeckaite


Picture  of a girl with a gun credit: IEVA RAGAUSKAITE (tiredofevil.tumblr.com)

Don’t be shy and write us an email requesting some topics. …See you in the next post!


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