Winter Breeze

Well hello there! We are so happy, that finally we published our little baby blog. So far, today we got 100+ visitors from Lithuania, United Kingdom,United States of America, Canada, Greece, Turkey, Norway! That is so awesome, thank you all and we wish this number will be growing so as our blog. So as the winter in Lithuania is suddenly dashing, we came up with these outfits, each of our outfits has an accent to our individuality. Agotas ,,Burberry like’’ coat is really elegant and classic. (press the pictures, to enlarge them)


Fashion elements:
Blouse – Mexx
Classic pants – Sepalla
Belt – Escada Collection of 2010/2011
Coat – New look
Shoes – Elite
Hand Bag – Hermes

The genuine leather pants by Versace are keeping Kamile really warm, but in the other hand, they are pulling cold like cray cray! (crazy)


Fashion elements:
Sweater – Marco Pollo
Leather pants – Versace
Hat – Hostie Hats
High heels – Atmosphere

Let us know what you think of our outfits in the comments below 🙂


12 thoughts on “Winter Breeze

  1. You received 100+ visitors already? I’m doing something wrong. Counting my wife and Evelina I’ve had two visitors in two months. Congratulations you two. Maybe you want to hire out on my blog?

  2. I especially love the Seppala pants! No stores in the State, so said. Looks like I’ll have to make a trip to Lithuania. Great photos! Think I’ll enjoy following your blog!

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