Celebration outfits

Wonder whose arms
Will hold you good and tight
When it’s exactly Twelve o’clock that night
Welcoming in the New Year…
New Year’s eve…

We are so happy that today we reached 40 followers so on! And of course we gain 1,889 views at our blog! Thank you all, we really appreciate this kind of love we get from you! And thank you for commenting our newest looks, it is very important that you are taking time and commenting all of our posts. So as the Christmas and New Year celebration parties are coming up so fast, we made these two elegant, classy, brilliancy, luxury outfits that would be very appropriate for those kind of celebrations. We are patiently waiting for your opinion about those new looks.

Aaaand… we have some news for you! I am going to Belarus this weekend to celebrate my boyfriend’s sister birthday, so I will make sure to take some good quality pictures for our dear readers. And Agota is probably going to Istambul in January for work! Congrats girl!

The looks:



Fashion elements:
Blouse: Georgio Armani
Skirt: by Agota Jakutyte (her own design!)
Heels: Prada
Bag: Uterqüe

kamile_red mememe

Fashion elements:
Coat: Georgio Armani
Dress: Lindex
Heels: Mango


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23 thoughts on “Celebration outfits

  1. Hey girls,
    i wanted to say that you two look amazing! Your blog will be a big success one day.
    I really liked reading your posts and all your looks are stunning.
    And by the way you both are really gorgeous!!
    GOod luck! :*

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