Trip to Minsk

Hey there!
The Christmas and New Year celebration marathon made me forget about my ,,visitors-looking-forward’’ post about my trip to Belarus city Minsk. So why the hell did I went there? For my boyfriend’s sister birthday, because she was working there in Belarus at one company who develops a magazine.


So for the information, everyone who wants to visit this amazing country has to buy two things: a visa and train tickets. Visa costs about 120Lt (approximately 35euros) and of course the train tickets costs forward and backward approximately 80Lt (23euros). I came there at Saturday evening, went to the birthday dinner/party and on Sunday I came back to Lithuania. Although there was not any freezing rain or heavy snow, i didn’t made much photos just because it was freezing cold! I did not went outside that much either…but I did take some pictures for you guys!

So the atmosphere in Minsk, Belarus was quite weird…There were a lot of ,, milicija ” (police) walking in the city centre, the buildings were old, there wasn’t a lot of new modern buildings. But I can’t complain – city at night was so magical, so much lights with different colors…though Minsk is very big city and the amount of people there living is like all Lithuania people. We went to eat at ,,Pizza Planet” and the prices were not biting at all. One thing that irritated me was allowed smoking in the restaurant…  Some guys were drinking vodka, eating pizza and smoking cigarette all in the same time, how ridiculous!

It was kinda sad that a small proportion of people living in Minsk does speak in English…Sometimes it was hard to understand what I was saying to these people. As we were walking through the downtown (that is HUGE!) I saw a park that was amazing, eventually I found out that this is the roof of the large supermarket/mall.  It is called ,, Stolitsa “.  You can see it in the second picture, the bottom to the right.

But in conclusion, the people are very friendly, not like Lithuanian people which are very hard to cheer up. If you have a chance to go there, please do. And take more pictures then me… 🙂 Don’t be shy and comment. Do you have any questions? Ask! 🙂

By Kamile


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