Incredible Italia.Part I :Fashion king Milano.

Dear ,Followers, thank you for being so patient and for this I’m sending you a short article about that stunning Italy | Milan.

September 3.

Early in the morning I got a call from my friend (Milan model agency’s Eyeonmodel owner) Andrea. I was shocked and surprised at the same time! He invited me to come to Milan to represent myself as a scouter & project manager for the working staff like: owners, photographers, advertisement managers! You can guess what I said… Hell yeah! So I packed my two monster size luggages (because I had a trip to Miami and New York in my plans) and took my first flight EVER! It was an amazing experience! When the plain landed i felt that bloody hot weather… It was 35 degrees! So we got to our office and I was  ! It was surprised! So classy, aristocratic and historical..I loved it at the same second i saw it.


 Moreover,at that evening we went to the most popular restaurant in all Milano ,,La Rinascente – Piazza del Duomo”.If you’re coming to Milan a meal, or at least a snack in the most famous stores in the city is a must. The restaurants are on the top floor of the department store, on the same floor as the food market. Maio offers a range of interesting dishes, but the best thing about it is the roof terrace, which has an impressive view of the Duomo. ImageImageImage

The next thing you should Visit in Milano,it’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.As someone with a professional interest in shopping centres the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II (1865-77, architect Guiseppe Mengoni) was high on my list of places to see in Milan. As a piece of urban design and architecture it creates a civilized environment for shopping – and shows just how banal and depressing are most shopping centres built in Lithuania…


 Via Monte Napoleone.Considered by many to be the most exclusive shopping area in Milan and home to all the top names in fashion and design.In a beautiful and old street, you will see so many high-end, expensive, well known brand names that eventually they all flow into each other. It becomes a blur of famous names.Image


 Navigli District.

This was by far my favourite place that I visited in Milan. I was accompanied there by one local(my friend Zivile) who took me to  canal.No it’s not Venice :)) but the architecture and atmosphere was good and so deferent between city centre of Milano. The restaurants are very busy in the evening and L’Aperitivo is The Thing to Italians!!


 But now it’s enough about that touristic mess… Lets talk about the most amazing celebration – my birthday! Yes, i celebrated my 19 birthday in Milan! By then one of my life dream came true… Everyone who knows me won’t be surprised that i celebrate it in a classic way: restaurants, wine, deserts… We tried traditional italian Tiramisu and Panna Cotta (by the way, this restaurant has a really friendly tradition: after every meal the restaurant shares their home made Gooseberries liqueur with sweet breadcrumbs!!


     But before classic desert we went to Il Gattopardo Café/NIGHT CLUB.It’s one of the coolest clubs in Milan is in a deconsecrated 19th-century church based on New York’s Avalon club, Il Gattopardo is similarly a temple to the boogie. The church structure is decorated like a sumptuous Sicilian palazzo, with a neo-classical crystal chandelier the size of a small house, and ornate cream chaises longues.Early aperitivo gives way to commercial pop and revival into the night, but at all times the guest list is taken as seriously as a  holy writ: the management is keen to maintain the aristocratic theme. The only way in is with an advance booking – with this, Gattopardo claims to be the only club that is entirely privé. Call for your right to be a VIP.


And the last but not boring..My photo shoot to FG Milano luxury shoes advertisement!

Photographer: Andrea Arcangeli

Model: Agota Jakutyte

Fashion| model agency: Eyeonmodel

Style: Cout | V.Cavalli ;Dress | Palermo ;Shoes | FG Milano

P.S Don’t forget to visit FG Milano site for public video advertisement |  http://www.fgmilano.comImageImageImage


My amazingly beautiful and stunning makeup&hair artist!




After the photoshoot we had a dinner with all  team till 2am!! :)ouuuhhhh what a rough day….


By Agota Jakutyte

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