I’m engaged!!! …just kidding

Hey guys!

I just came back from my english studies and I though I should write a short article about my engagement!! Not! Just joking around 🙂 So recently I participated in this amazing fashion collaboration. There were four models, two makeup artists, hair stylists and some photographers. We met up at 7 o’clock in the morning and I barely slept 2 hours before (I was at friends bar ,,having fun”…) So my wish was that the makeup would conceal my dark under eye circles… Before the photoshoot, I came to ,,Salon Ilona” (wedding dresses) and did the fitting and tried on four wonderful white wedding dresses and at the end I chose this one in the pictures. The photoshoot began in this amazing chocolate caffe in Pilies st. and then we went to Simonaitytes st. ,,Beauty salon LATE” (the interior design was so amazing!White furniture, white walls…).

In conclusion, it is You, who decides to assess the pictures.



vestuvkeBut in my opinion, I am very happy and pleased with the results.
Models: Kamilė Kanapeckaitė, Greta Jurkūnaitė
Make up: Justina Minkovska
Hair: Oksana Šapronaitė
Photo edition: Kamilė

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By Kamilė


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