How to Wear Name Brand Clothes Without Being Called a Poser or Fake


Dear followers,as spring is finally starting to come in Lithuania..We wanted to share our ideas about how to choose,wear and buy brand-luxury clothes.

Branded clothing usually comes with good quality and great designs, so nobody can blame you for liking this stuff. If you have decided to go shopping, well, be aware of “fashion police.” If you don’t want to be called fake or poser, these are the advices you need and read on.

1.Figure out why you really like the clothes. Determine whether it’s because of the uniqueness of the design or the quality of the fabric used. If you just wanted to be considered “cool” or “in,” you have to be careful as it may not look good on you.

2.Know your size. Start out by going to the store and trying out the clothes. If you decide to order online or from a catalog, take note of the size that fits you perfectly before you order the clothes. Remember that you have choices. You could shop from catalog, the store or the website. Make sure you have money or your plan will fall apart (and stealing is not an option). If you shop in the website, you have to have a credit card number. If you don’t have one, you could ask your parents to order it for you. You may browse through different sites to determine which offer the cheapest but careful with frauds.

3.Try wearing other clothes beside these branded clothes. There are also cheaper ones but has good quality and great design. It’s only a matter of how you project and carry your clothes!!!!!

That’s how we’re wearing brand clothes with simple ones.


Coat:New Look
Hand Bag:Hermes

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