On December 10th, I rushed to the Nacionalinė Dailės Akademija to see the finalists for the upcoming Mados Infekcija fashion show. I am 38 weeks pregnant, and i should not stress, drive a car or walk too much, but the curiousity made me drive as fast as I can to this event. There, i met my friend Lithuanian blogger Absentta Gorelova (www.absentta.com) and other bloggers too. We were standing in the press zone for about two hours, and then we went to see the show.


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The show was perfectly structured, the runway was compositioned unique and the aura of the show was amazing, although, not all of the collections were my ,,sense of style”. The show was divided into two parts of the runway show, thought, I had a change to see just the first of it: 7 collections. All of them were interesting, but my favourite was just one. A colletion by a Russian girl Rufina A. Lagutina is about a brave and valiant young women, radiating a good mood. She creates her own destiny and starts a game with her appearance.

4 5 6 7 8What I loved about this collection – COLORS and the style of clothing. It made me want to try the Russian designer clothes, and in my opinion, that is a key to a great designing – when other person wants to try their piece.

Another designer… I can not remember her name.. But what I really like is her first model and the coat.

9 10 11 12The major idea of this collection: each piece is different AND same. The words ,,I don’t need my past to be in my present” were the words of wisdom! That is also another reason why I LOVED this jacket so much.

So, taking everything into consideration, the very first part of collections (that i saw) were really inspiring and interesting to watch.. Some collections even made me cry because of the music picked and the main idea of the designer concept. If you were one of those, who saw all of the collections, you can guess WHICH designer made me cry… 🙂 Looking forward to Mados Infekcija in March!

By Kamilė.

All photos were made by me.


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