Prada 2015/2016.Milan

Ones again after a photo shoot I styled I said for an editor of one Lithuanian magazine that there’s a various tipes of expressions to show who you are and how you feel..And now I undeniably admit that this Autum/Winter collection of fabulous Prada fashion house is what I’m in soul and how priceless is to find something that Is YOU.

TOP 5 list of details I like in this collection:

  1. Fabulous pastel collours especially light pink with embroidered cristal details.
  2. Shapes,shapes,shapes! So plastic and sharp corners.
  3. One of the most amazing thing in collection is elegance and womanity,so pure and virgin.
  4. Combinations-light colors with spicy electric red,green or dark brown..Perfection
  5. And as usually the texture and  quality of all clothes and accessories.


So,please my Ladies don’t forget to visit Prada shops especially in Milan and Paris! We can meet there:*



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