Fashion Date No 2 | Goldwell team

 But the most important thing which comes almost every Thursday is our Fashion Date evening,which is an important part for all lithuanian ladies.This time we had an exclusive opportunity to ensure our knowledge about one of the most important beauty and wellness part of our body – hair.

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And the Goldwell team  began..So let’s start a new conversation – a conversation about you my reader– with the ultimate goal of creating true partnership and sharing our new information and experience. After all, that’s the essence of the new Goldwell brand – a brand in transformation, guided by their global team of passionate stylists. Now more than ever, everything they do will be dedicated to you and your success.

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In the middle of an evening we started the other part of the conference:practice&conversation.All the lithuanian beauties have their possibility to ask some questions about their hair,style and even a new international trends which manage the hair fashion at this year.Moreover,we made a few brakes in order to spent some time with professionals and to have a private conversation about their own ideas of each style,haircut which suets to all of ass the best or what we need to change before our lovely and refreshing summer time.

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However,The age of charm seeks and concentrates in fashion&style blogging so we could’t notice beautiful and inspiring ladies of the night! Let’s look how lithuanian ladies destroying their wardrobe before picking the best dress in cocktail dress code.

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At the end let me revise Goldwell team saying from an evening: ,,WE BELIEVE THAT ONLY TOGETHER WE CAN REACH NEW HEIGHTS


For this evening I’ve chosen a bright&classic GF Ferre dress with minimalistic but always elegant  Chanel pearls.

Many kisses to Romas Roman for every moment you captured :*


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