,,Inži” Fashion House collection 2015

… I was there, too. I was curious to see how Lithuanian designers show their new collection. And i was a little too disappointing. First of all, the organization of the night was a bit too unsuccessful, the lack of staff people in the sitting area was not fine. I had to run across the arena maybe twice to find someone who is even a little related to the show, not to mention the chaos at the sitting time. Second of all, you could probably be seated next to the Vilnius ,,elite“, because no one did not care what is written in you ticket or invitation.


inzi4 inzi3

The dresses were fine. I mean, I expected something magical, but the whole show and the dresses was 7 out of the whole 10.


I saw a lot of comments on Facebook by some people writing their resentment of the show and how people were acting there. Some said that a lot of people felt bored so they ran out of the show 20 minutes after it started. I can witness and say that there were not much of those who ran out with fire in their eyes of boredom, but there were a few. One of them was my beloved stylist Agne Jagelavičiūtė, who was posing for photographers at the beginning of the event and then suddenly she was gone. She has an excuse, she has a little baby waiting for her at home. And me too  But one thing made me think and just leave the show not because of the dresses (all of them were amazing! I give my respect to the designer) but because the ,,elite” (I do not want to mention names) was stuck on their phones 99% of the whole collection presentation time. It was rude, it was childish. If you need to browse your damn phone, go outside and don’t sit on the first row and demonstrate your lack of interest. If I were the designer, I would have thrown him in the first place. But what can I do, maybe he even got some money to come to the event. What ever..

inzi7 inzi6 inzi5
After seeing some events, where a lot of celebrities came, I had to make a conclusion that they come with the aim of showing themselves and their ,,ego”, not enjoying the night and the company.



all photos made by me.


One thought on “,,Inži” Fashion House collection 2015

  1. Geras straipsnis ir idomus, bet sunku skaityti del anglu netaisiklyngos gramatikos ir blogo zodziu vartojimo. Linkiu tobulėti! Gražios nuotraukos 🙂

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