Giraffe Smoothies – raw fruits, vegetables and nothing more!

What could be better then a cold fruit smoothies in the summer? Nothing.


I had a chance to taste every product that little Giraffe is suggesting, and i was so surprised how good are these juice and smoothies. There are four different cold-pressed smoothies: Pina Colada, Mango & Passion fruit, Forest Fruit & Yogurt, Strawberry & Banana. My favorite was, of course, Pina Colada, because I am in love with everything that contains a coconut, but I can assure You, my dear reader, that every flavor is unique and delicious. And also, there are four different cold-pressed juice: Fresh Pineapple, Super Berry, Fresh Exotic Fruits, Fresh Orange.

giraffe2 giraffe3Giraffe Smoothies company aim is to value a healthy lifestyle: 

,,Our core value is a healthy lifestyle, which allows us to be a better person, happier, more effective professional, willing to spread a positive energy around us. However, the problem was that we were not able to have a proper nutrition, which could provide a sufficient amount of natural vitamins and energy rush. So we decided to tackle and solve this problem. Therefore we ended up creating pioneering juice and smoothies, which contain raw fruits and vegetables, providing the same smell, taste and level of vitamins, as the fresh fruit.

Giraffe is the tallest animal on the planet. So that it can pick the best fruits on trees, while those fruits are out of reach for others. Giraffe products like giraffe itself are above the rest, as we provide absolutely superior products in the market today.

Giraffe Products consist of never heated (raw) fruits, vegetables and nothing more. Innovative Cold-Press and Pascalization technologies allowed us to create a new category of super-premium juice – a huge amount of fruits in the bottle without any additives, concentrates and all other bad things. Therefore, when you open Giraffe bottle you smell fruits, just as they came from the nature.

Our emphasized high quality is centered around all our activities. For instance, we squeeze fresh exotic fruits, which are even not available in supermarkets. In one bottle you can find fruits from more than 10 different countries therefore we neutralize any seasonal effects, in other words, you can always enjoy well-balanced taste. We are proud to say that we succeeded in creating absolutely superior products made to inspire you and put a smile on your face.

This company says that they believe in healty lifestyle, so these fresh smoothies will enhance Your life.

giraffe4 giraffe5

Giraffe Smoothie is a thick, creamy drink that contains only fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore it is full of natural vitamins and antioxidants. Giraffe products, made from non GMO ingredients, are free from any additives, sweeteners, sugar, water, flavor and taste enhancers. In this bottle fruits come from 12 different countries! For example, I chose Pina Colada to analyse its ingridients. In this flavor they have hidden 1/4 pineapple (sweet one), 1/2 banana, half of juicy orange, 1/3 of apple and a little bit of coconut milk.

And some nutrition facts:

Energy                                810kJ/193kcal
Vitamin C                                            73%
Folic acid (B11)                                   11%
Vitamin E                                              2%
Vitamin A                                              2%

*NRV – Nutrient reference value

What I found amazing about these products: you know what you are drinking. I mean on every juice package You can read every ingredient that consists of 🙂

You can find Giraffe Smoothie in a mall ,,RIMI” or Donut Lab and more other places. Check their page for more information:




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