One of those photoshoots…

As my everyday starts at 6 a.m. (because my little one wakes up at that time), I decided to write a little article that would be useful for the reader. Another day my cousin Kotryna arrived and as always we came up with the idea of photoshoot: rye field and a simple but beautiful make-up.



2 3

So in this look i randomly chose some of my favorite products that i recently use. I can not imagine me and my clients makeup without NYX MATTE FINISH SPRAY, i would really recommend purchasing this stuff, it ,,holds” your make-up, it prevents your make-up getting rubbed through the day/night and i find it really useful to just spray it before you apply foundation – it gives a great start to the make-up, all of the make-up using in the near future will just stick on to your face, and that is what we need. My one and favorite foundation is LOREAL TRUE MATCH, I have used some of Make Up For Ever foundations but I honestly think it is way to pricey, and i just fell in love with Loreal years ago. For concealer I used two of them: Maybelline Age Rewind and Fit me!, these two are pretty good for me. I find it more and more irritating using DUO Adhesive for fake eyelashes, it is just a hard work with them, and I am guessing i will be using something else, maybe You, my beloved reader, have any suggestions? I can’t live with my ultimate favorite and the best of the best mascara MAX FACTOR FALSE LASH EFFECT, obviously, it does not make my eyelashes super big and gorgeous, but this mascara helps me to not look like i have three eyelashes altogether…

whati use

Thank you for reading! If you have any comments or suggestions, just leave a comment down below 🙂 Also follow me on my instagram: kamilekanapeckaite

C you soon!


So insdada


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