That was a typical day when I suddenly felt like doing something new. Although my hair that day was a total mess, I still wanted to make this make-up look. The fantastic summer days are over now, so I figured one makeup look to properly greet the Autumn! My favorite make-up looks are typically with bronzed skin and extra glamorous false eyelashes, I created this look having in mind these two basic things.


So firstly when starting any make-up a good moisturizer is a MUST! Just gently apply it with your fingers before the foundation. For the moisturizer I used Oilotum (you can find it in the drugstore), I have extremely dry skin so I have to make sure my skin in deeply moisturized before I put on any kind of product on my face. For foundation I use Loreal True Match and for the concealer … one and only MAC PRO LONG CONCEALER IN NC15. For the eyes I used NYX pallete, darker brown colors on the edges of my eyes and in the centre I used gold shimmery color, and don’t forger to blend blend blend!  Then I applied a thick eyeliner and popped some fake eyelashes! For the lips I used just two ingridients: lip balm and a concealer! So it is super simple but super glamorous and beautiful look for You. I hope it was helpful and see you next time guys! Love you!






6 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. You are beautiful. Gorgeous look. 🙂
    P.S. Check out the blog that me and my friend started few days ago. thank you. xx

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