Natalie Rolt from Australia

One typical day I was exploring Instagram, and suddenly my eyes just exploded. I saw these amazing dresses by one extremely talented Australian designer. And now I can bravely say that if I ever thought about a PERFECT dress, You can find it in this amazing designers boutique in Australia.


The success came to this one beautiful woman when she uploaded dresses that she designed in social media. From that day, her life totally changed. With a family background of fashion, Natalie learnt everything she knew from her beloved mum, from her experience about the industry. Producing monthly collections whilst studying Fashion Design full-time, Natalie created her Label’s online presence by uploading designs to social media.

natalierolt3 natalierols2

After such a positive response from all around the world, in 2012 the Natalie Rolt market stall was launched. The Labels growth continued to flourish and after one year, the Natalie Rolt Boutique was born in the heart of Applecross.

The Natalie Rolt Label consists of Ready-to-Wear, Swimwear, Resort & Couture which are all designed and made in an adjoining in-house Boutique/Studio. And I can assure You, my dear reader,  that Natalie’s designs are each just SIMPLY AMAZING! She uses luxurious fabrics, beautiful prints and bold colours to compliment the unique designs and show the elegance, desirability and femininity of the female physique. One fact that I also love about this designer – she creates in a very limited volume to preserve the exclusivity.

Not only Natalie creates an extraordinary dresses and costumes, she also makes the most sexiest and colorful bikinis!


If You want to order NOW, go to WWW.NATALIEROLT.COM ; also find her new creations on Instagram @natalieroltdesigns and on Facebook.


Best wishes,

K xx


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