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 But the most important thing which comes almost every Thursday is our Fashion Date evening,which is an important part for all lithuanian ladies.This time we had an exclusive opportunity to ensure our knowledge about one of the most important beauty and wellness part of our body – hair.

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Fashion Date. Agnė Gilytė

Finally the big Thursday came across the working week.. All the fashionable ladies from offices,home or baby caring came to show their style and knowledge about it.. But like in every evening, we had a special guest who announced us the big women style secrets –  Agnė Gilytė.

She is an inspiring woman with her own view of style, fashion and taste. Last year she wrote a book about the details of style which every women must know.


Agne has a wide range of practice..She worked in Italy and Lithuania as a TV,photo shoot and magazines editorial stylist. She was talking about a different types of body figures, Top 5 ,,must have” and many other practical advises.

Evening took place in luxury casino house in the heart of city center.Ladies were drinking champagne and had a chance to enjoy a hand massage with different oils from Italian regions.

After a presentation, director said some inspiring words to us all and we could ask some questions about anything fashion.W e invited our lithuanian beauties to pose next to the wall and of course eternalize with our guest!

It’s a pity that we couldn’t be together, Kamile was traveling in fashion city Paris! We can admit that Lithuania isn’t a heart of fashion like Italy and it isn’t a classic style guru like Paris, but despite that, we have our country ladies wearing a laced dress, high heels and the most important beautiful and wide smiles !!

My evening style : Mexx blouse from Paris | Bvlgari jewelry |Midi length black Ted Baker skirt| Clasical Prada heels which I bought in Milan |Carpisa handbag|

Thank you all my readers !

P.s Grazie, Roman Roma’s for photos! 

Malta |Marsaxlokk Bay

Marsaxlokk Bay It’s one of the five cities of ,,must see” list if you’re staying in Malta, a stunningly beautiful traditional town with a harbor full of traditional fishing boats.This place is so quiet, charming and colorful at the moment you see it! The view in the harbor is amazing, the smell of fish and the sound of the water makes you feel the highest relaxation level from all the year… Spend a couple of hours here to enjoy this charming place! And for sure,after a minute you just easily can’t past throughout all these lovely,cozy restaurants as well.IMG_9697IMG_9699IMG_9698

,,La Nostra Padrona”

We selected this restaurant from the dozen or so others by the side of the harbor for little other reason than the appealing colors of the table and chairs – orange and blue – I’m glad we did.We had been looking for somewhere to cool off and the air conditioned interior looked appealing. However, it was full of a coach load of tourists so we sat down by the water instead. With the breeze off the sea it was actually really rather nice.The staff were helpful and friendly.IMG_9661

Frutti di mare misto:Seafood platter consisting of mussels,clams,prawns,fazolari. Calmari and octopus cooked in garlic,white wine and herbs.


‘A la Carte’ menu includes Mediterranean dishes, a selection of Fresh Meats and various specialities of the Chef.We ate fresh sea food,fish which is  delivered daily right from the boats, a selection of fresh fish and shellfish is always guaranteed.


We also tried:Pepata di cozze|Sautéed black mussels,fresh pepper,garlic,tomato,white wine,lemon and fish broth.Spaghetti Marinara |Sardines,mussels,clams,Cray fish,baby squid,tomatoes and sage.


And for the end i have a special secret for all of you!If you’re one of only who really appreciated this article and maybe in the middle of your heart you thought to visit Malta don’t pass throe eight or ninth kiosk on the main buss stop of Malta (Valletta bus station) the old women with the a small belly can serve you one of the best ,,Pastizzi and Qassatat”in Malta – Pastizzi are some of Malta’s favourite snacks and you can find stalls or bars that sell them everywhere. They are made of ricotta cheese or a green pea mixture stuffed inside pastry. Qassatat are almost the same, but made of a lighter pastry and round, instead of diamond-shaped. Take these two delicacies with you as you walk or drive in Malta.

    So as the Scot Adam’s said:“I love you all my readers like a fat kid loves cake!”


First story of Malta.Valletta

 As the august days was going by and summer weather was turning to autumn cold,I patently was waiting for my secret vacation for somewhere new,somewhere where i never been and always wanted to try,something special and on the other case familiar to me. And finally the awaited day has came.. I’m counting the finale second in my work and babmabama…I’m driving home,packing my luggages and waiting for car to take me to Kaunas airport.I’m taking an alleviator,buying some whisky (because for me plain trip it’s not very easy way to travel) after it I’m drinking a few glasses of champagne ( to make my trip less inconveniant :))..I passed through check-in and now taking a stares to sale and looking in all those flights and i really still don’t  have any idea where we’re going.. after an hour when all passengers where in theyr planes and we still were sitting I started to be nervous and asking: ,,it’s a joke”, ,,it’s not very funny ,what are you thinking about this”,,,you wasted my time…” after this monolog he took my hand and we ran so fast to our plane! Which was directed toooo… MALTA! And at that moment when I noticed it the first thing I thought about was you!MY lovely partner KAMILE 🙂


             Sorry for my bland monolog and let’s start our trip!

Warm weather,summer breeze and cooked octopus smell passed us when the plane  finally landed after 3 hours of flight with lithuanians applause… as usual 🙂 We passed throughout the gates and in front of the arrivals hall handsome,typical south european man took us from airport to our hotel Valentina in San’t Julian’s district.(downtown).

IMG_9758 IMG_9764 IMG_9734

Very smart, clean and efficient hotel, close to the night life of Paceville but on a quiet street away from the bars, water side restaurants are just a few minutes walk away as are the main bus routes in to town.Most of the personal was friendly,showed us ,,must see” places,restaurants and even gave us a few advises about night life,shopping and car rental.


After few minutes of sleep and relaxation we decided to see nearest local bar or Gelateria…( I was waiting for this all the flight:)) After a walk along the Spinola bay coast we sat down on the sidewalk and just smell the breeze from the mediterranean sea and drank so puffy and light ,,Cassar de Malte”which  is the first Maltese sparkling wine, manufactured by traditional champagnization method. The Maltese version of champagne is quite «young», it has been produced since 1999!

 Morning beauty he said ! After a strong,but mediterranean sea flavored breakfast we started our tripping a long all bays of malta!

IMG_9775   IMG_9774

                                                                                    PUBLIC TRANSPORT &COMMUNICATION

The Maltese government is now in the process of re-nationalising the islands bus services. These are brilliant for getting around all of Malta’s sights and a seven day pass purchased at the airport also includes the X service buses that serve the airport. At only 6.50 Euros for a seven day pass this has got to be one of the best value transport systems in Europe! So if you’re not a brilliant traveller you still would get the idea of taking public busses for sure! And if in some cases you’re not there’s a second adorable communication which can really help you- RESIDENTS! From young to old every maltese speaking english ! On every corner you can noticed a lot of advertisement for english courses or private schools.






Like all tourist we took a bus till the finale stop ,,Main bus terminus”.But our goal was somehow to buy tickets for ferry to other secret (which i didn’t knew then) country. NOW HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM ! Where to go next to reach ,,Virtu Ferry terminal”.. While we were searching for right way on iPhone our maltese business man with a horse taxi shout loudly ,,My friend a can help you” i felt exactly like in Istanbul ! So we took that adorable sweet and cute horse taxi to reach the terminal:)image-5


After we bought a ticket for ,,somewhere” afcourse we haven’t got any idea how to reach the city center so like many of travelers we found a compromise -straight away !!! No i can’t imagine how stupid we were..It was too hot even to lay down in the hotel rest room or in swimming pool as well.. 43 degrees  of celcius ! I even take off my bra 😀 So after we passed Valleta’s water front we saw sight CITY CENTER I Can’t describe that amazing feeling when i under stud that the glass of water is somewhere near !! When we got through the arch the huge elevator  was waiting for me ! So finally we reached ,,Upper Barrakka Gardens”.




 This is a lovely place to take a stroll and take in the views over Valletta harbour. It’s also a great vantage point to view the ‘noon gun’ firing.Also if you’re the same fashion edict like me definitely take picture on Pope Pius V street stairs which are adorable by their architecture,color and history..Also try to find some energy and walk by the main street ,,Triq Ir Repubblika” which is filled with shops cozy restaurants and small cafes.



But it’s less that 10% of my story of this wonderland! More Action,Trips and Adventures on other review SOON !

Just for you! My dear reader:*


Meet Joelle: My Passion is Fashion


The Age of Charm girls are starting to do some new things: Interviews! So the first one we had a change to interview was an amazing fashion blog by Joelle Regh. ,,Fashion diaries from a german girl living the american dream” is her description in her blog. Her name is Joelle Regh and she is originally from Hamburg, Germany. She is going to college, majoring in Communications and she has a passion for fashion.



,,I love to share my ideas, inspiration, tips and tricks with everyone on my Fashion Blog” she says.

The interview:

1.      Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from anywhere. I love going through magazines and checking out the newest trends. Furthermore I get some of my inspiration from the weather outside. If it’s snowing outside I might wear an all white outfit, or sometimes I’ll wear an all black outfit. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I love all the colors of Fall. Important is to be open minded and inspiration will find you.

2.      Who are your 5 favorite designers?

My blog is about affordable fashion. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your clothes, jewelry, shoes and bags. It matters what they look like and how you style them. You can look like a million bucks, without spending too much money. I would say that Michael Kors is one of my favorite designers right now, because I have a watch and a purse that I use/wear every day. I love his purse collection every season and his jewelry is gorgeous. I also love Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Givenchy. But besides these high end brands, I love to go shopping at H&M, ZARA, ASOS and Forever 21. Tj Maxx is one of my favorite stores, because you can get expensive designer pieces for an affordable price.

3.      How would you describe your style

I would describe my style as constantly evolving. I wear whatever I think looks good and if it’s a trend or not, as long as I feel comfortable with it and I think it looks good I’ll wear it. I love to wear very colorful outfits, but sometimes I also wear all white or black outfits.

4.      Why did you start a blog?

I’ve always liked Fashion and liked to dress up for any occasion and even just going to school. When I started reading Fashion Blogs such as The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferrangi; Peace Love Shea by Shea Marie and Saucy Glossie by Lindsey Calla I fell in love with Fashion even a little bit more. These Fashion Blogs inspired me to start writing my own. I loved the idea of sharing my Fashion tips and outfits with other girls who love fashion as much as I do.

5.      What are your goals (aims)? (with this blog and seperately)

My goal with this blog is to give my lovely readers some inspiration in Fashion, give some lifestyle advice and tips and looking like a million bucks without spending a fortune. I hope to reach a broader audience and as of right now I have about 21,000+ followers on Facebook. Besides wishing success for my blog, I hope to receive my Bachelor’s degree in Communications within the next 2 years and afterwards I would like to start a career in Fashion and working in NYC.

The End.

Contact/Find Joelle: (21k+ followers!)



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