Natalie Rolt from Australia

One typical day I was exploring Instagram, and suddenly my eyes just exploded. I saw these amazing dresses by one extremely talented Australian designer. And now I can bravely say that if I ever thought about a PERFECT dress, You can find it in this amazing designers boutique in Australia.


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,,Adore Me,, at The Age of Charm


Every good outfit starts with a sexy and comfortable lingerie. Many women from all across the world today are looking for good, qualitative and glamorous underwear. Why do women even bother selecting from so much types of just a simple bra and some panties? Because this type of sexy undergarment is a fabulous thing for spicing things up, or simply just to feel somewhat glamorous. In history, in order to get high quality lace underwear, you would have to spend a lof of money and time searching for a store that would be selling it without the high mark up. Luckily today, my dear readers, we have a great solution to everyone who wants to look stunning in a lingerie without spending so much money.

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,,Inži” Fashion House collection 2015

… I was there, too. I was curious to see how Lithuanian designers show their new collection. And i was a little too disappointing. First of all, the organization of the night was a bit too unsuccessful, the lack of staff people in the sitting area was not fine. I had to run across the arena maybe twice to find someone who is even a little related to the show, not to mention the chaos at the sitting time. Second of all, you could probably be seated next to the Vilnius ,,elite“, because no one did not care what is written in you ticket or invitation.


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Fashion Date. Agnė Gilytė

Finally the big Thursday came across the working week.. All the fashionable ladies from offices,home or baby caring came to show their style and knowledge about it.. But like in every evening, we had a special guest who announced us the big women style secrets –  Agnė Gilytė.

She is an inspiring woman with her own view of style, fashion and taste. Last year she wrote a book about the details of style which every women must know.


Agne has a wide range of practice..She worked in Italy and Lithuania as a TV,photo shoot and magazines editorial stylist. She was talking about a different types of body figures, Top 5 ,,must have” and many other practical advises.

Evening took place in luxury casino house in the heart of city center.Ladies were drinking champagne and had a chance to enjoy a hand massage with different oils from Italian regions.

After a presentation, director said some inspiring words to us all and we could ask some questions about anything fashion.W e invited our lithuanian beauties to pose next to the wall and of course eternalize with our guest!

It’s a pity that we couldn’t be together, Kamile was traveling in fashion city Paris! We can admit that Lithuania isn’t a heart of fashion like Italy and it isn’t a classic style guru like Paris, but despite that, we have our country ladies wearing a laced dress, high heels and the most important beautiful and wide smiles !!

My evening style : Mexx blouse from Paris | Bvlgari jewelry |Midi length black Ted Baker skirt| Clasical Prada heels which I bought in Milan |Carpisa handbag|

Thank you all my readers !

P.s Grazie, Roman Roma’s for photos! 


On December 10th, I rushed to the Nacionalinė Dailės Akademija to see the finalists for the upcoming Mados Infekcija fashion show. I am 38 weeks pregnant, and i should not stress, drive a car or walk too much, but the curiousity made me drive as fast as I can to this event. There, i met my friend Lithuanian blogger Absentta Gorelova ( and other bloggers too. We were standing in the press zone for about two hours, and then we went to see the show.


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