Natalie Rolt from Australia

One typical day I was exploring Instagram, and suddenly my eyes just exploded. I saw these amazing dresses by one extremely talented Australian designer. And now I can bravely say that if I ever thought about a PERFECT dress, You can find it in this amazing designers boutique in Australia.


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,,Adore Me,, at The Age of Charm


Every good outfit starts with a sexy and comfortable lingerie. Many women from all across the world today are looking for good, qualitative and glamorous underwear. Why do women even bother selecting from so much types of just a simple bra and some panties? Because this type of sexy undergarment is a fabulous thing for spicing things up, or simply just to feel somewhat glamorous. In history, in order to get high quality lace underwear, you would have to spend a lof of money and time searching for a store that would be selling it without the high mark up. Luckily today, my dear readers, we have a great solution to everyone who wants to look stunning in a lingerie without spending so much money.

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That was a typical day when I suddenly felt like doing something new. Although my hair that day was a total mess, I still wanted to make this make-up look. The fantastic summer days are over now, so I figured one makeup look to properly greet the Autumn! My favorite make-up looks are typically with bronzed skin and extra glamorous false eyelashes, I created this look having in mind these two basic things.

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,,Inži” Fashion House collection 2015

… I was there, too. I was curious to see how Lithuanian designers show their new collection. And i was a little too disappointing. First of all, the organization of the night was a bit too unsuccessful, the lack of staff people in the sitting area was not fine. I had to run across the arena maybe twice to find someone who is even a little related to the show, not to mention the chaos at the sitting time. Second of all, you could probably be seated next to the Vilnius ,,elite“, because no one did not care what is written in you ticket or invitation.


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