That was a typical day when I suddenly felt like doing something new. Although my hair that day was a total mess, I still wanted to make this make-up look. The fantastic summer days are over now, so I figured one makeup look to properly greet the Autumn! My favorite make-up looks are typically with bronzed skin and extra glamorous false eyelashes, I created this look having in mind these two basic things.


So firstly when starting any make-up a good moisturizer is a MUST! Just gently apply it with your fingers before the foundation. For the moisturizer I used Oilotum (you can find it in the drugstore), I have extremely dry skin so I have to make sure my skin in deeply moisturized before I put on any kind of product on my face. For foundation I use Loreal True Match and for the concealer … one and only MAC PRO LONG CONCEALER IN NC15. For the eyes I used NYX pallete, darker brown colors on the edges of my eyes and in the centre I used gold shimmery color, and don’t forger to blend blend blend!  Then I applied a thick eyeliner and popped some fake eyelashes! For the lips I used just two ingridients: lip balm and a concealer! So it is super simple but super glamorous and beautiful look for You. I hope it was helpful and see you next time guys! Love you!





One of those photoshoots…

As my everyday starts at 6 a.m. (because my little one wakes up at that time), I decided to write a little article that would be useful for the reader. Another day my cousin Kotryna arrived and as always we came up with the idea of photoshoot: rye field and a simple but beautiful make-up. 1 2 3

So in this look i randomly chose some of my favorite products that i recently use. I can not imagine me and my clients makeup without NYX MATTE FINISH SPRAY, i would really recommend purchasing this stuff, it ,,holds” your make-up, it prevents your make-up getting rubbed through the day/night and i find it really useful to just spray it before you apply foundation – it gives a great start to the make-up, all of the make-up using in the near future will just stick on to your face, and that is what we need. My one and favorite foundation is LOREAL TRUE MATCH, I have used some of Make Up For Ever foundations but I honestly think it is way to pricey, and i just fell in love with Loreal years ago. For concealer I used two of them: Maybelline Age Rewind and Fit me!, these two are pretty good for me. I find it more and more irritating using DUO Adhesive for fake eyelashes, it is just a hard work with them, and I am guessing i will be using something else, maybe You, my beloved reader, have any suggestions? I can’t live with my ultimate favorite and the best of the best mascara MAX FACTOR FALSE LASH EFFECT, obviously, it does not make my eyelashes super big and gorgeous, but this mascara helps me to not look like i have three eyelashes altogether…

whati use

Thank you for reading! If you have any comments or suggestions, just leave a comment down below :) Also follow me on my instagram: kamilekanapeckaite

C you soon!


So insdada

Giraffe Smoothies – raw fruits, vegetables and nothing more!

What could be better then a cold fruit smoothies in the summer? Nothing.


I had a chance to taste every product that little Giraffe is suggesting, and i was so surprised how good are these juice and smoothies. There are four different cold-pressed smoothies: Pina Colada, Mango & Passion fruit, Forest Fruit & Yogurt, Strawberry & Banana. My favorite was, of course, Pina Colada, because I am in love with everything that contains a coconut, but I can assure You, my dear reader, that every flavor is unique and delicious. And also, there are four different cold-pressed juice: Fresh Pineapple, Super Berry, Fresh Exotic Fruits, Fresh Orange.

giraffe2 giraffe3Giraffe Smoothies company aim is to value a healthy lifestyle: 

,,Our core value is a healthy lifestyle, which allows us to be a better person, happier, more effective professional, willing to spread a positive energy around us. However, the problem was that we were not able to have a proper nutrition, which could provide a sufficient amount of natural vitamins and energy rush. So we decided to tackle and solve this problem. Therefore we ended up creating pioneering juice and smoothies, which contain raw fruits and vegetables, providing the same smell, taste and level of vitamins, as the fresh fruit.

Giraffe is the tallest animal on the planet. So that it can pick the best fruits on trees, while those fruits are out of reach for others. Giraffe products like giraffe itself are above the rest, as we provide absolutely superior products in the market today.

Giraffe Products consist of never heated (raw) fruits, vegetables and nothing more. Innovative Cold-Press and Pascalization technologies allowed us to create a new category of super-premium juice – a huge amount of fruits in the bottle without any additives, concentrates and all other bad things. Therefore, when you open Giraffe bottle you smell fruits, just as they came from the nature.

Our emphasized high quality is centered around all our activities. For instance, we squeeze fresh exotic fruits, which are even not available in supermarkets. In one bottle you can find fruits from more than 10 different countries therefore we neutralize any seasonal effects, in other words, you can always enjoy well-balanced taste. We are proud to say that we succeeded in creating absolutely superior products made to inspire you and put a smile on your face.

This company says that they believe in healty lifestyle, so these fresh smoothies will enhance Your life.

giraffe4 giraffe5

Giraffe Smoothie is a thick, creamy drink that contains only fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore it is full of natural vitamins and antioxidants. Giraffe products, made from non GMO ingredients, are free from any additives, sweeteners, sugar, water, flavor and taste enhancers. In this bottle fruits come from 12 different countries! For example, I chose Pina Colada to analyse its ingridients. In this flavor they have hidden 1/4 pineapple (sweet one), 1/2 banana, half of juicy orange, 1/3 of apple and a little bit of coconut milk.

And some nutrition facts:

Energy                                810kJ/193kcal
Vitamin C                                            73%
Folic acid (B11)                                   11%
Vitamin E                                              2%
Vitamin A                                              2%

*NRV – Nutrient reference value

What I found amazing about these products: you know what you are drinking. I mean on every juice package You can read every ingredient that consists of :)

You can find Giraffe Smoothie in a mall ,,RIMI” or Donut Lab and more other places. Check their page for more information:



,,Inži” Fashion House collection 2015

… I was there, too. I was curious to see how Lithuanian designers show their new collection. And i was a little too disappointing. First of all, the organization of the night was a bit too unsuccessful, the lack of staff people in the sitting area was not fine. I had to run across the arena maybe twice to find someone who is even a little related to the show, not to mention the chaos at the sitting time. Second of all, you could probably be seated next to the Vilnius ,,elite“, because no one did not care what is written in you ticket or invitation.


inzi4 inzi3

The dresses were fine. I mean, I expected something magical, but the whole show and the dresses was 7 out of the whole 10.


I saw a lot of comments on Facebook by some people writing their resentment of the show and how people were acting there. Some said that a lot of people felt bored so they ran out of the show 20 minutes after it started. I can witness and say that there were not much of those who ran out with fire in their eyes of boredom, but there were a few. One of them was my beloved stylist Agne Jagelavičiūtė, who was posing for photographers at the beginning of the event and then suddenly she was gone. She has an excuse, she has a little baby waiting for her at home. And me too  But one thing made me think and just leave the show not because of the dresses (all of them were amazing! I give my respect to the designer) but because the ,,elite” (I do not want to mention names) was stuck on their phones 99% of the whole collection presentation time. It was rude, it was childish. If you need to browse your damn phone, go outside and don’t sit on the first row and demonstrate your lack of interest. If I were the designer, I would have thrown him in the first place. But what can I do, maybe he even got some money to come to the event. What ever..

inzi7 inzi6 inzi5
After seeing some events, where a lot of celebrities came, I had to make a conclusion that they come with the aim of showing themselves and their ,,ego”, not enjoying the night and the company.



all photos made by me.

Fashion Date No 2 | Goldwell team

 But the most important thing which comes almost every Thursday is our Fashion Date evening,which is an important part for all lithuanian ladies.This time we had an exclusive opportunity to ensure our knowledge about one of the most important beauty and wellness part of our body – hair.

Processed with Moldiv

And the Goldwell team  began..So let’s start a new conversation – a conversation about you my reader– with the ultimate goal of creating true partnership and sharing our new information and experience. After all, that’s the essence of the new Goldwell brand – a brand in transformation, guided by their global team of passionate stylists. Now more than ever, everything they do will be dedicated to you and your success.

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In the middle of an evening we started the other part of the conference:practice&conversation.All the lithuanian beauties have their possibility to ask some questions about their hair,style and even a new international trends which manage the hair fashion at this year.Moreover,we made a few brakes in order to spent some time with professionals and to have a private conversation about their own ideas of each style,haircut which suets to all of ass the best or what we need to change before our lovely and refreshing summer time.

Processed with Moldiv

However,The age of charm seeks and concentrates in fashion&style blogging so we could’t notice beautiful and inspiring ladies of the night! Let’s look how lithuanian ladies destroying their wardrobe before picking the best dress in cocktail dress code.

Processed with Moldiv


At the end let me revise Goldwell team saying from an evening: ,,WE BELIEVE THAT ONLY TOGETHER WE CAN REACH NEW HEIGHTS


For this evening I’ve chosen a bright&classic GF Ferre dress with minimalistic but always elegant  Chanel pearls.

Many kisses to Romas Roman for every moment you captured :*

Kusmi Tea in Paris

One of the all presents that i brought back home from Paris, was ,,Kusmi Tea” collection. We walked down the ChampsÉlysées boulevard which is in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, the magical and long street. You can see Louis Vuitton, Sephora, Mercedes Benz, Cartier shops on the boulevard. Such an amazing feeling comes across suddenly.




For 140 years, Kusmi Tea has been offering to gourmets the finest in high quality tea blends. The famous tea brand offers unique Russian blends like Prince Wladimir Tea , Anastasia or Saint Petersbourg tea, whose recipes are kept secret for more than a century, but also many traditional and flavored blends. More recently, Kusmi Tea has launched a wellness tea collection with the delicious Detox tea , the soothing Be Cool or the stimulating Boost. Distributed all over the world, the Kusmi teas are a reference for tea connoisseur, and every tea lovers. This tea is full of antioxidants, important volatile oils, mineral salts, vitamins C and E. I suggest trying, it is worth it!



You can buy this tea online in Lithuania:

In UK:

More photos from my trip to Pari are coming soon :)

…Looking forward to ,,Mados Infekcija ’15” ! C you!

All photos were made by me.


Fashion Date. Agnė Gilytė

Finally the big Thursday came across the working week.. All the fashionable ladies from offices,home or baby caring came to show their style and knowledge about it.. But like in every evening, we had a special guest who announced us the big women style secrets –  Agnė Gilytė.

She is an inspiring woman with her own view of style, fashion and taste. Last year she wrote a book about the details of style which every women must know.


Agne has a wide range of practice..She worked in Italy and Lithuania as a TV,photo shoot and magazines editorial stylist. She was talking about a different types of body figures, Top 5 ,,must have” and many other practical advises.

Evening took place in luxury casino house in the heart of city center.Ladies were drinking champagne and had a chance to enjoy a hand massage with different oils from Italian regions.

After a presentation, director said some inspiring words to us all and we could ask some questions about anything fashion.W e invited our lithuanian beauties to pose next to the wall and of course eternalize with our guest!

It’s a pity that we couldn’t be together, Kamile was traveling in fashion city Paris! We can admit that Lithuania isn’t a heart of fashion like Italy and it isn’t a classic style guru like Paris, but despite that, we have our country ladies wearing a laced dress, high heels and the most important beautiful and wide smiles !!

My evening style : Mexx blouse from Paris | Bvlgari jewelry |Midi length black Ted Baker skirt| Clasical Prada heels which I bought in Milan |Carpisa handbag|

Thank you all my readers !

P.s Grazie, Roman Roma’s for photos!